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About Our Organization

At the heart of our transformative mission we are committed to fostering collaboration across diverse communities, we stand united in our pursuit of advancing racial equity and enhancing the overall well-being of the Tampa Bay area with a grass roots approach to making change.

Our mission goes beyond rhetoric – it’s about constructing pathways to the middle class for those often underserved and underrepresented. Through strategic skills training, we pave the way for equitable access to high-wage, high-demand careers. Our vision is to create opportunities for everyone, and we achieve this by offering scholarships, comprehensive support services, and a seamless transition into paid apprenticeships.
As unwavering champions, we empower women, minorities, and youth with the tools and pathways necessary to thrive in diverse industries. Our commitment transcends words, manifesting in tangible actions that make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and the community at large.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build bridges to the middle class for underserved and underrepresented communities through strategic skills training. We champion equitable access to high-wage, high-demand careers by offering scholarships, wrap-around services, and a seamless transition into paid apprenticeships. We are steadfast in empowering women, minorities, and youth, with the tools and pathways necessary for flourishing in diverse industries. Join the community to give education to children

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Meet Our Leadership

Vanessa Hay  |  Executive Director

Vanessa Hay serves as the Executive Director for Workforce Evolved in Tampa Bay, embodying a commitment to fostering collaboration and enhancing the overall well-being of the community. es. As a first-generation U.S. native, Vanessa’s passion lies in building the American dream, ensuring everyone has opportunities for personal and career growth.

Driven by the belief that everyone should have the chance to be their best selves, Vanessa champions the empowerment of women, minorities, and youth, offering tools and pathways for success. Her professional skills encompass strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, management, career development, youth entrepreneurship, fundraising, social media, and business relationship management.

Vanessa’s career milestones include founding and managing Twenty One Sweets, a thriving cookie business, showcasing her expertise in sales, marketing, time management, and supply chain management. She previously excelled as a Call Center Leader at JPMorgan Chase & Co., demonstrating strong skill in team management, strategic planning, call center development and technology integration.

Guided by the mantra, “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day,” Vanessa incorporates intentionality into her actions, promoting genuine and transparent leadership.
Looking ahead, Vanessa aspires to contribute to the continued growth and impact of Workforce Evolved, fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce in Tampa Bay.

  Clara McCalla  |  Vice Secretary

For eighteen years, she was a Senior Corporate Trainer for Cablevision Systems in New York. She was instrumental in transforming sales teams into strategic, high- performance teams despite challenging economic times. Her leadership, training style, and professional knowledge has given her a well-deserved reputation in a multitude of work- shops and training seminars that she has facilitated that stretches beyond the transfer of information. Her workshops offer a dynamic and highly interactive experience for the participants.

 Joimil Valdez  | President, Training & Development, Jalex Global, LLC.

An Executive with several years of experience in Human Resource Management and the last 12 of those in senior Training. Has managed multi-state/multi-site operations and is experienced in leading HR functions within a food service, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, logistics, real estate development, automotive, transportation & distribution and entertainment industries.

 David Fuller  | Secretary

A career spanning almost 45 years, began with 9 ½ years of service in
the US Army and transitioned to developing strong skill sets for clients
in leadership and IT technical skills. For the last 15 years I’ve provided career guidance to over 1000 companies and 5000 team members that I have had the pleasure to support. My role with United Training continues this proud tradition of supporting others to achieve their potential, affording me the opportunity to support over 15 charitable organizations I have had the honor to be involved with in the last decade.